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    Hello, The steps would be as I indicated, we don't have a guide for this, but here they are in a numbered format if that helps. 1. remove the index.php file from the root. 2. Move your files from /forum to / 3. edit the conf_global.php file, remove the /forums from the url and save. 4. log into the admincp, run the support tool to clear the cache. 5. set pages as the default app 6. if you are using friendly urls, redownload the htaccess file from the friendly url page in your admincp (in live search type in friendly, then browse to that page and click the download file link. Place that in the root of your site, replacing any existing htaccess file. Then you should be all set.
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    For 3.4.7 if you get a STARTTLS Failed503 503 5.5.1 EHLO/HELO first. y5sm3826525ign.7 - gsmtp Upload the following to /ips_kernel/ classEmail.php
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    I did this picture for the local paper, they do a yearly thing called "New Neighbors" where you can send in a picture of your new babies.
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    If you are seeing issues with quoting, copy & paste with win 8.1 and IE 11, here is a work around for this on version 3.4.6 Edit the global template in your skin, Replace the following code <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /> With this code below <php> $ie11fix = "edge"; if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']) && (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'Trident/7') !== false)) $ie11fix = "EmulateIE10";</php><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE={$ie11fix}" /> Then save, clear your browser cache, and you should be set.
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    Please be sure to take a backup of your database before running any manual queries. Edit ibf_ to your prefix or remove if your not using one. UPDATE ibf_posts SET post=REPLACE(post, 'OLD URL', 'NEW URL')
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    Edit /admin/sources/classes/class_reputation_cache.php /* Does the rep item exist? */ if( ! $this->likeItemExists( $app, $type, $type_id ) ) { /* See ticket #845557 - item may not exist when not in LIKE mode. Need to add functionalty so each app can return boolean if item exists in native tables */ //$this->error_message = $this->lang->words['reputation_invalid']; //return false; } Or upload the attached file and overwrite the existing class_reputation_cache.php
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    Loren, I would very much not recommend doing that. Yes, it will "unflag" the topics as Archived, however the posts for that topic will still be contained within the forums_archive_posts table, and will really break them considerably. When a topic is flagged as "Not Archived" then it does not reference the forums_archive_posts table at all, so the topics would not display ANY posts if that query were run without the unarchival process having fully completed. Your best bet is to just wait it out, as that is the only surefire way to ensure everything is unarchived properly.
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    Today's Patches here have also been checked and applied, however please also check these yourself as well. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/372245-ipboard-33x-32x-and-31x-critical-security-update-6-november-2012/#entry2329241
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    For those of you that are using IPS software, we have applied patched files to all of your sites, some of you were very good about keeping up to date, however there were some that were un-patched. We strongly advise everyone to stay up to date on patches etc, if you need any help please let me know or you can also file a ticket at IPS as well. Here is a link to the patches as well if needed for any other sites outside of this network. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/371625-ipboard-31x-32x-and-33x-critical-security-update/#entry2324710
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    I was out drinkin' last night.. I'll look into what URL would be good too maybe do something this weekend.
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    I show 3.............the "active posts" to the left of the search box, is all within the last 24 hours. Under the search box there is an "active posts" button again, this one seems to be the "new/unread" one, and also the one to the right, the "view new content" button is the "new/unread" button as well
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    That's awesome DJ.... I can't believe how big your kids are.... WOW time flies.
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    R1Lover just wanted to say thank you for the huge help in this site. As you know we have thousands and thousands of products and customizations. Thanks for the many hours setting this up with me and the technical support. I hope you got the Christmast presents/Business gifts that me and Erin sent to you. Without your help we wouldn't have grown to where we are today! Thanks again...your work doesn't go unappreciated.
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    Thanks guy's..... she is a cutie, but has the attitude to go with it...It's scary when you see yourself in someone else.
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