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  1. Yah well your hosting does more then just the vubulletin. You host a business for us and it hauls ass and you're customer service is the best i've seen...
  2. R1Lover this setup right now is awesome. Just wanted to say thank you. Since I run a business and this is a side "gig" for fun/advertising it's nice to not have to concentrate on it since you do everything for it. Lets me concentrate on my main business. Just wanted to say thanks as we wouldn't be where we are today w/o your technical help! I can't believe how many forums you've done and how fast you can get them online and running/growing...I started it on my own and put in hundreds of hours, but you do this stuff quicker then anyone i've seen! Should change your name to VBGod or VBGuru
  3. R1Lover just wanted to say thank you for the huge help in this site. As you know we have thousands and thousands of products and customizations. Thanks for the many hours setting this up with me and the technical support. I hope you got the Christmast presents/Business gifts that me and Erin sent to you. Without your help we wouldn't have grown to where we are today! Thanks again...your work doesn't go unappreciated.
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