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    update forums_topics set topic_archive_status=0 where topic_archive_status=3 This will reset every topic specifically flagged to be excluded from the archive. This would be needed if you archived items in the past, and you want to archive them again, as the system sets this flag so they would not be archived in the future once unarchived, this clears that flag.
  2. All customers will be updated to the latest and greatest as of the end of day today. If you are experiencing any issues please submit a ticket in the client area and we can assist you. Thank you
  3. https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/103486v If your hard drive only has one partition you can create the extra partition required for BitLocker using the BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool. This is a command line utility built into Windows. Open an administrative command prompt (right-click and choose Run as administrator) and type: Bdehdcfg.exe –target default
  4. https://superuser.com/questions/950215/cant-enable-bitlocker-auto-unlock-on-drive-invalid-function
  5. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/36901-check-bitlocker-drive-encryption-status-windows-10-a.html manage-bde -status C: must run as admin (elevated)
  6. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/37662-turn-off-auto-unlock-bitlocker-drive-windows-10-a.html
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  8. if ( \IPS\Dispatcher::hasInstance() AND \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->controllerLocation == 'front' ) { header("Location: https://www.domain.com/whatever/"); exit; }
  9. In your custom language pack, revert the two language strings, then edit as needed to translate. _date_this_week_c _date_this_week
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