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  1. Yeah he likes anal from what i've heard.........
  2. Still the same ANyway, it's not a big deal, it was more of an annoyance than anything
  3. Well that stinks Wonder if it will start working mysteriously when the transition is made
  4. I did, there's a green box that pops up top center that says "Loading" but it never does anything. I have to go to my settings> messages to view it before it will clear. Then at some point throughout the day, it will show a 1 again when there is nothing new to view. I have to do the same again to clear it
  5. I have a semi-new issue, Whenever I sign on, the 0 next to my name changes to a 1, like it's trying to notify me of a new message, but when I click on it, it does nothing. I have to go to my settings, messages and view the ones you and J-Paul already left me and then it displays a 0 again?Feels good to be a newb again, btw <----------
  6. I show 3.............the "active posts" to the left of the search box, is all within the last 24 hours. Under the search box there is an "active posts" button again, this one seems to be the "new/unread" one, and also the one to the right, the "view new content" button is the "new/unread" button as well
  7. Got this figured out by going into my settings and changing it to "view only what I have not read"
  8. Also when you get a visitor message, when you view it, it should make all the notifications in the upper right hand corner dissapear, but it still shows a "1" You have to click on it, and walk through it to let it know you've viewed it. Any way to fix that?
  9. Same here. When I click "View new content" stuff I just read is still there. Be nice if it would just dissapear like i'm used to
  10. I changed you to admin, but for some reason it must take a few minutes to update your color.

    I'll see how long it takes if ever lol

  11. Comes up fine for me. It's teal blue T
  12. I just clicked on the email, and it had me signed in already :lmao

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