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  1. I actually just want to take this website shit by the horns and get it done.. There are already other people who are asking for help on how to help their children who have gone through similar situations. This is not longer a startup in my opinion this is real and needs to be done seriously someplace off of Facebook that can be more controled and helpful. Here is the picture they created as a "logo" let me know what it will cost to set this up and I will give you my CC# to get it started.. I registerd www.therebelsproject.org so we are good to go on that.
  2. In IP.Board can you set it up so you don't have a username and you register with your name?
  3. One of the girls Husbands is "doing a site" but I guess it's shitty and coming along slow.. I told her I can get it done in a day but I think she doesn't want to tell her husband to stop just yet.. who knows lol Check out my companies so far http://www.mediaworksweb.com/dev/rylind-cms/
  4. First meet up is Wednesday I'm going to see if any of the people affected show up or not.. the-rebelsproject.org therebelsproject.org are two URL's available that I though would work. Since the Facebook groups is the under the same name.
  5. I was out drinkin' last night.. I'll look into what URL would be good too maybe do something this weekend.
  6. Rhett, Myself and some of my Columbine alumni are setting up a support group for people who have gone through tramatic events like the Aurora Theater shooting.. Right now it's on Facebook. DIdn't know if setting up a website with IP.Board would be a good idea or if you have suggestions on another program or forum. Thanks, Ryan
  7. ya ive been looking at new servers too. just something with more RAM so when 3 people are pulling data from the accounting software it doesnt stutter.
  8. You should know this, I want to update our current accounting server and I see Server 2003 limites 4GB on 32bit systems. So I was going to get one of the MAPPS upgrades and change it to 64bit Server 2008.. Was wondering if my server would handle it. Intel Core 2 Duo e7200 @ 2.53 GHz 4GB RAM Also how do you upgrade a 32bit system to a 64bit?
  9. I've got to crash work tomorrow, and I apparently do not have Messenger on my Lenovo.. haha gotta add that shit
  10. That's what I'm getting it for now the other company I got a quote for was insanely high.. Corey's site looks good guess he likes black lol.. It does look more compact and sleek too. Which one of the 2nd Proofs do you like?
  11. Yeah I know I got a quote from another company that was going to do 5 pages and setup Joomla.. $10K.. This way I give them all my pictures and text copy they do it for me and I don't have to mess with the 50 some odd pages. Here is round two of my proofs\
  12. There also going to do some Logo Redesign for me too..
  13. I'm still running the one Alex did.. A local company cold called me and I was wanting to do it anyways so I got about 2 more quotes after I got theres and they were the best price about $100 a page with a CMS setup called Joomla.. Never have to pull my site into Dreamweaver to update it again.. Unless I want to really change it. I picked 3 with the colors from 9 maybe should get some moore proofs.. Wasn't a fan of the diamond plating on 11 since we dont really use that type of steel..
  14. https://www.yousendit.com/dl?phi_action=app/orchestrateDownload&rurl=https%253A%252F%252Fwww.yousendit.com%252Ftransfer.php%253Faction%253Dbatch_download%2526send_id%253D1542539171%2526email%253D640ef5e3ba26810845ad2aa61505722c&s=19105&cid=tx-02002208350200000000 What do you think?
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