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  1. I need to add the OWNED smilie...
  2. I never read the book, but my wide did. I'm not sure if it was the book or the Video we got from the doctor about sleeping habits, but Hailey i sleeping in her bed all night long. We never even have to wake up in the middle of the night now.Julie takes her to her bedroom with a bottle at about 8:30pm every night and she drinks her bottle and falls asleep. We don't hear a peep from her until about 6am or so. It is so nice to be able to sleep again. It took three nights of doing the procedure on the video but after that she is doing great.I'm uploading the video now so you can see it if you want to. It's a really old copy of the video but it works. lol
  3. I'm still learning all the features, but the sync feature is nice... I can update the changed files only without having to do a complete site download.
  4. Phil has to type it and read it back to hear it....
  5. Winscp has a few nice features and you never have to worry about the buy now screen lol It has two windows side by side.... one the local folders and the other the remote. Very nice for moving things around and synchronizing your folders.You must have sftp enabled though.
  6. You can use any FTP program you like, but here is my recommendation. I have turned on Secure FTP on all sites so this will work correctly. WinSCPhttp://winscp.net/download/winscp382setup.exeYou can also use Smart FTP as a second choice IMO.Smart FTPhttp://http://www.smartftp.com/download/
  7. Actually the 1098-forum.com that I created for Phil is doing better than any site I have seen so far... It's taking off very well. This thread was about a site called http://www.ducati1098.net that someone else created to compete with the http://www.1098-forum.com site.
  8. Check your diaper :scratchhead
  9. Rhett


    lol, ya it's all cool.... actually nice to see you guy's here too...
  10. We have more members here online that the new 1098 site.
  11. A little break in Video with my new Camera mount... (thanks Eric) you can get one here http://earachemotorsports.comClick Here
  12. Rhett


    IF greg saw this site it would be over lmaoI'm still not sure how all of you saw it lmaoIt's all good this was just a test site, but I'm going to leave it ans finish it up this weekend.
  13. Rhett


    :PHang tight and I will get it fixed up...Just a site for friends and bsing...I will be adding some new featuers on here before the others...
  14. Rhett


    To anyone stumbling in.... This is just a test site I have been working on and use to test new features for other forums... Although in about a week I will have it finished and leave it for those you want to wonder in... I'm not sure what will be here but I will have a few cool things for sure. R1Lover
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