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  1. I like it It will look good once the skin is fixed.
  2. :blushThat is pretty funny. I get a lot of hilarious remarks from Erik as well.
  3. Planning a trip to FL in Dec 09
  4. Nice to see Jacob doing well
  5. It's nice to Walker working on your laptop
  6. Alright he is a jerk, happy now!!
  7. ^ Would you like to join my social group or become a friend Mel? :)
  8. EveR1ast, he is a Super Mod on SBF and YFN Great guy
  9. It looks like it works, maybe you are keeping for Vale and yourself :)
  10. User CP has social groups, also that neat little message system is gone for friends . Do you want me to come down there and show you how to turn the computer on next? It's quick
  11. with a foot and a half of snow all coming down in 12 hrs :)Otherwise it 's back to the real world, work and the usual BS Erik has been sick for two weeks on and of.I'm miss the sun have not seen it since FL :storm:) Side note: My parents are looking to buy in Naples next year if they do, I will be down there every year for a few weeks :)Just found this out today Hey R1Lover :)Indy................ start planning
  12. Well I don't have a social group:(, but you are still listed as a friend
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