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Hailey's Birthday


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Today Hailey is one year old..... boy how time has flown the past year. We are having her birthday party on Saturday, but today I took the day off the spend with my family. We went and had family pictures taken this morning and then have just been hanging out this afternoon. My parents came by just a few minutes ago and brought Hailey her first birthday present. They gave her a very special little rocking chair. When I was two years old this was my rocking chair and when I was about 7 or so it was broken. This rocking chair was kept for ummmmmmmmm 35 years....... My dad took the whole thing apart and had to make two new rockers and then fix a couple of the joints that were damaged. My Mom bought some material and hand made some pads for the seat bottom and back to match Hailey's little Princess couch she has. This was the best present in the world, it almost brought a tear to my eye when I saw it and remembered it was mine 35 years ago, and the fact that they kept it for just this reason... to give to my child...... I just had to share this story.... The best part is Hailey loves this little chair.... and she also said "Grandpa" for the first time today when they were here.




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