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Wife Freaked Out


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While I had a laugh.My son Erik bit someone at school yesterday, they were in the gym and I'm presuming he felt that the other kids were not sharing, so in order to get a ball, he had to take some action :hoorayNow he is only 2 1/2 so reasoning with him is out of the question.Here is the funny part, I get home from work around 830pm and he is usually a sleep by that time, but yesterday he stayed a wake. My wife thinks the only reason that happened was because he was nervous that he would get in trouble from me when I got home.I love my son too much, so he was asked not to bite his friends in school anymore. :angelbig

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lol, that's funny Biga... thanks for sharing.I'm sure I will have some stories soon as we are going to have to put Hailey in day care instead of my mom watching her three days a week. My Mom is getting a little stressed out from the rest of my family's problems, so I think we need to take some pressure off of her. So far the only time Hailey has bitten anyone was me and it was my nose... :hooray she thought it was funny.

Rhett Buck

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