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  1. thanks for the update RhettGuess I'm glad I finally purchase the owned license last year
  2. so, I could just revert back to the original templates, and start over again if I wanted to install any new ones
  3. Ok, from 3.6.8 patch level 2 to 3.7 shouldn't be that much of a ball buster....I can probably work my way through it.However, what about 3.5.0 to 3.7? Is this even possible? I don't mind losing a skin or some features, but need to know how difficult this would be.
  4. whoa......quite a substantial update can't wait to do it on my boards......not
  5. Nice work R1Lover! Looking good as always
  6. Phil

    Recording Voice?

    Cool Mike, thanks! I recorded to wav files, then burned to CD. nice!
  7. Phil

    Recording Voice?

    I dont care about the quality, as long as I can hear myself talk. Maybe I can lay down a track on Windows MM and save it in Mp3 format? I'll check later on
  8. Is there any way to record voice tracks, and then burn them to CD or Mp3? Or would I have to download a program?I need to record about 10 mins of audio, for playback (so I can memorize stuff). just wondering if there was a program out there to support that.
  9. Actually, there are a few sites out there1098-forum.com1098-desmoducati1098.netand a few more I've seen.....
  10. so, what are the advantages? Security? I know I have about 5 to 6 accounts saved on SmartFTP now, and I always have to close out and reload to get another account to load properly. Pain in the ass....
  11. So. the wife and I are going to buy a Catamaran (about $300,000 for a good used one), prolly get a 30 year note on it. Then, we'll sail it to Puerto Rico, hire a couple locals on $5 per hour, buy insurance, and start our own day/night snorkeling business. I figure we'll eat cheerios and canned spam the first few year, but should turn a profit by 2025.Here is a pic of one we went on while in PR
  12. nice camera mount! looks very thick and long
  13. Phil


    it's NEVER finished
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