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  1. Here's another issue I came across when looking to "create an album" Possibly fixed with the same permissions thing you are talking about?
  2. Mine is still set on the "exactdark" are you talking about the "essential" if you are, I like the "exactdark" better myself.
  3. Oh, now it adds up. "lol" wasn't working as a code.
  4. Yeah I hate when people quote something ridiculously long or large etc.
  5. Just keeping you on your A game. haha
  6. there's no "quick reply" box in this section
  7. Got it all figured out Jer?

  8. You going to change the skin on this forum to test? Yeah, seems to run like "butta" over here.
  9. Interesting, I keep finding more and more stuff after I think I've seen it all. I'm already excited to switch over.
  10. One question, is there a "new posts" button like on VB? I haven't seemed to been able to locate it yet.Wait, I think I found it. Top right corner "new content" I guess?
  11. It's the coolest motorcycle forum in existence.
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