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  1. Yes, you can hide them per user group,

  2. Hey bro, are IP address's hidden in order by Rank? Yours and Brads are listed as Private, but I can see DB's. Is mine hidden to regular members or is that a setting somewhere?

  3. TGIF except I probably have to work tomorrow

  4. Rhett, I see this error on the home page, I at first assumed it was something you had not set up yet....but its been there a while so I figured I better check...image attached.
  5. Ahhh...... my bad. I was just poken anyways.
  6. Ur kidding me on explaining what it does right? :spamKidding bro....I was just suprised that it didnt show ALL unread threads and posts like VB does.
  7. Is there one? I hit the "view new content" link by the rss feed but nothing shows up......
  8. How do ya like that...I can warn an Admin....
  9. I guess I will need to include smilies on this part they don't seem to be working now.

  10. Definitely takes some getting used to.
  11. pretty speedy. How tuff was the 3.7 upgrade?
  12. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! This is an impressive update! Cant wait to see them implemented R1Lover!! Great Work on the putting this together.
  13. R1Lover, I cannot thank you enough for all the knowledge, support, and late night technical advice getting Midwestridersforum.net up and running. Knowledgeable, great support, top notch development and reliable hosting all in one. You cant ask for any more than that. All my future work and references will be coming your way!
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