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[IPS] Minify Security Patch for IP.Board 3.4.x

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Security Update: Potential vulnerability in third-party Minify library
A potential security vulnerability with Minify has been discovered that only affects some specific server environments.

Minify is a third party app that combines multiple CSS and javascript files to help speed up the rendering of IP.Board in a browser. This issue may affect your site even if you are not making use of Minify in IP.Board.

Although the vulnerability is caused by the Minify application, in the interests of our customers we felt it best to patch the issue. We have updated the zip file available from your client area and are including a manual patch in this announcement.
Additionally, IPS reported the issue to the Minify developers who have released their own similar patch today in the form of a new release (version 2.1.7): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/minify/cpN-ncKPFZE/kwYVpLMkfDwJ

This issue only affects IP.Board 3.4.0 - 3.4.5.

Installing the patch
Simply download the attached zip file and once extracted, upload /public/min/config.php to your server replacing the one on the server.
Attached File minify_patch_07_13.zip   3.68KB  618 downloads
Alternatively, you may follow the instructions made available by the Minify developers in their release announcement. While our patch was developed in-house prior to the release of Minify 2.1.7, either patch will protect your board.

IPS Hosting Clients

If you are an IPS Hosting client you do not need to be concerned with this security issue. Our servers are not vulnerable to this specific exploit.

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