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[IPS] IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

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As we wrap up principle development of new features for IP.Board 3.4, I wanted to go through some of the other changes we've implemented for the new release.

System Templates

Some "system templates" such as the wrapper used for HTML emails were previously only editable by manually changing the files which contained those templates. This is inconvenient, especially as it means one has to remember not to upload those files when upgrading IP.Board.

In IP.Board 3.4, these templates will be editable from the Admin CP making it much easier to maintain edited versions of these templates.

Mobile Moderation

Our mobile theme is suitable for all mobile devices. Even though we have our mobile application available for the iPhone and iPad, we want to ensure that other devices are able to interact with IP.Board.

A very common request has been to enable basic moderation actions from within the mobile theme. To that end, we've added buttons for common topic moderation into the mobile skin.

Editor Pasting

A lot of the time you find that you just want to paste plain text into the editor so you don't have to then remove formatting such as background and font colors. We've made this an option from within the IP.Board 3.4 editor via the new Options icon (far right on the screen shot). You can still paste as rich text by clicking on the relevant paste button on the top right section of the toolbar.


We hoped that you've enjoyed reading this series of blogs on IP.Board 3.4. We're currently putting the finishing touches to this major new release and can't wait make it available for release!

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