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Import Lang File Manually


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Go to ACP->Look and Feel->Manage Languages. Click the dropdown beside english. Select Copy Language. That will make a copy of it.. on the copy, edit the settings, change the name to what you want, and the locale to he_IL.utf8Save that.. Then login via FTP, create a translate directory in forum root, chmod it to 777Back in the ACP, click the dropdown beside the 'hebrew' language again, select Translate Externally.It will fill the translate directory with files.. Upload the files that I attached overwriting those that it creates.Click manage languages, and you should have a notice across the top about a translation session in progress, click the link to go to it. Select all the files, and click Import at the bottom. If it fails with a timeout, import only 5 to 10 at a time.Once they all import, click Finish and Remove, then on Manage Languages, click the 'recache' icon for the hebrew language. That should get it installed.

Rhett Buck

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