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This Is A Test Video Parsing Thread


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This is windows 7 64 bit, running Chrome version 12.0.742.122 I will now go to you tube and copy the link from the address bar as most users will do. now I will paste this link from the address bar on you tube.

As you can see it auto linked the video Now I will paste it yet again and remove the formatting
You will see the first link will not auto parse as video due to it being a hyperlink. The only way to paste a link and have it work is to use the link in plain text format from you tube, this works as I will show you, but most users will not do this and it will lead to issues and people complaining.
As you can see that worked, but when copying from a browser address bar as MOST USERS WILL DO, it auto links and fails to parse to video.

Rhett Buck

Exact Servers




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