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05-09-09 Servers updated

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All servers were updated this morning with the following updates. If there are any issues please start a ticket in your control panel.

Apr 12 07:48:32 Updated: krb5-libs-1.6.1-31.el5_3.3.i386May 09 09:29:10 Updated: audit-libs-1.7.7-6.el5_3.3.i386May 09 09:29:11 Updated: pango-1.14.9-5.el5.centos.i386May 09 09:29:11 Updated: file-4.17-15.el5_3.1.i386May 09 09:29:11 Updated: audit-libs-python-1.7.7-6.el5_3.3.i386May 09 09:29:14 Updated: clamav-toaster-0.95.1-1.3.27.i386May 09 09:29:15 Updated: kernel-headers-2.6.18-128.1.10.el5.i386May 09 09:29:15 Installed: ghostscript-devel-8.15.2-9.4.el5_3.7.i386May 09 09:29:16 Updated: sos-1.7-9.16.el5_3.5.noarchMay 09 09:29:27 Installed: kernel-PAE-2.6.18-128.1.10.el5.i686May 09 09:29:27 Updated: audit-1.7.7-6.el5_3.3.i386

Rhett Buck

Exact Servers




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