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If you still have a record of your old serial which worked before Sep. 1. Try this: 1) First off, delete C program FilesCommon FilesAdobeAdobe PCDcachecache.db 2) Then run any of the CS3 (Encore in your case) programs. Click Accept to continue, then enter your serial that used to work. BEFORE clicking next, you'll notice that you have a NEW cache.db file in C program FilesCommonFilesAdobeAdobe PCDcache 3) Right click the file, go to properties and make it READ ONLY, and then click next on CS3 after entering your key. 4) Next, after you get to the register software screen. Click "Register Later" 5) Now it should be working, technically speaking that is, but you're not done yet. The register screen should have popped up again. This time, remove the check for "Read Only" from that new cache.db file and select "Do Not Register" from the the top of the register software menu. 6) Now, as soon as you click continue, make the cache.db file read only again, and LEAVE IT THAT WAY to prevent a possible reoccurrence or Adobe trying to send the patch through again disguised as an "update". Remember that if you need to reinstall the serials of any CS3 product which was working prior to the creation since you have created a new cache.db file you must temporarily uncheck the "read only" properties box for the cache.db. Then after inserting the serials and reactivating them close the program and then recheck the box.

Rhett Buck

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