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  1. 100% Sign Up Bonus expires this Sunday. Use promo code: NFLNOW Click here: https://t.co/SHHy46R3zo

  2. We miss Willie Colon as a Jet https://t.co/oOjwc4LC4x https://t.co/WWFHX0bpcP

  3. #HappyFriday JetNation https://t.co/94Yj1KBQdT https://t.co/Egk4BYBCTm

  4. Qvale, Ijalana Look to Seize Opportunity with Giacomini https://t.co/0z4sVHBqRG

  5. Geno named #2 against the Giants https://t.co/baqh5feEaL https://t.co/tMhimU9cVa

  6. Geno the # 2 QB vs Giants https://t.co/Q26rx2g7gI via @JetNation

  7. RT @AceFan23: @Cwatts64 looked good in both PS games, could make the 53. Spoke to his college coach here: https://t.co/kUAX2bmSUz https://…

  8. Let's talk about Buster Skrine & Marcus Williams https://t.co/eP2KUX8kmy https://t.co/A3cCy0u77t

  9. Our own @AceFan23 interviewed former Jet Chad Cascadden. https://t.co/w7JfRnB4Hi https://t.co/YQzFo7PQB8

  10. JN Radio: Preseason Game 2; Roster Breakdown https://t.co/O89keGE6RA

  11. Tough crowd... https://t.co/g4qw1v69Dh https://t.co/mqvKlwQTgj

  12. Bruce is about to rock #JetLife Stadium. https://t.co/wKaBz51SWa

  13. JetNation Radio: Preseason game vs the Redskins on JetNation Radio will air 08/23. https://t.co/yvHiZmmTfs #BlogTalkRadio

  14. Is Darrelle Revis still dominant? https://t.co/CqApML0x7K

  15. The clock is ticking...https://t.co/5I53zSj6rW https://t.co/Jt7bLJE5Ed

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