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Using your own Domain/Sub Domain for IPS Community in the Cloud


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Our IPS Cloud communities have a specific setup needed to apply your own domain or sub domain to your community. Below is an outline of each method.

1. Use your own www.domain.com on your IPS Community in the Cloud.

(NOTE: This option would be used when you are using your domain only for your IPS Community in the Cloud; If you are using another software for a Home Page with another hosting provider, then use the Sub Domain method below)

a. Set your Name Servers for your domain to use our Name Servers of NS1.IPSLINK.COM and NS2.IPSLINK.COM

b. Once that is completed, submit a ticket to our hosting department with the name of your domain, stating that you have updated your name servers to ours. We will test this and then apply this to your community for you.

c. If you use email on this domain, please note that we do not offer email services, so if needed, please provide your own MX Records for your domain, and we will update them to point your email to your own mail provider.

d. Please note we do not allow additional A Records or other edits to your DNS when using our Name Servers. If this is something you need to retain access to, please use the sub domain method below.

2. Use a Sub Domain for your IPS Community in the Cloud, an example of this would be forums.domain.com

(NOTE: This option would need to be used when you DO have an existing site at your domain and want to preserve that site and its contents.)

a. Please create a CNAME for "forums" (or the prefix word of your choice; community, board, etc.) pointing to the URL you setup when you purchased the Hosted Package, e.g. mysite.ipbhost.com. It would look like the following example in this case.

forums CNAME IN mysite.ipbhost.com


forums 14400 IN CNAME mysite.ipbhost.com.

(Note the trailing period after the .com as
it's required in some host control panels such as WHM/cPanel.)

b. Once the CNAME is setup, please file a ticket in our hosting department, providing the sub domain you want to use, and let us know that the CNAME has been setup properly. We will test this and apply the sub domain to your community for you.

If you do not own your own domain currently, you can purchase one from us here onwww.invisiondomains.com if you purchase from us, there is no need to set your name servers, simply file a ticket in our Hosting Department and provide the domain name, and that you purchased from us, and we will apply this to your community.

Note* We do not allow any A Records, as our Community in the Cloud IP's can change at anytime.

You can test your name servers of your domain here http://intodns.com/

You can test your CNAME after setup here https://www.whatsmydns.net/

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