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[IPS]Month in Review - July 2015

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Everyone at IPS has been working hard to continue development on our new IPS Community Suite 4 platform. We have been getting great feedback from clients and are looking forward to implementing your ideas as we keep moving forward.

Most of July was spent with a focus on stability of version 4.0. As with any new platform there is a lot to learn and address once it gets out into real world use. Stability realeases are not very exciting and do not make for a fun blog entry :) but we have fixed hundreds of bugs with each maintenance release and continue to keep that as our focus. Clients are reporting that things are greatly improving and we are happy to hear that! Of course there are always some issues but the majority are running great.

So that's really it for July. I know, it's seems like not much but it's actually tons of work from our team to keep getting things better each day. But don't worry! We have some exciting new features in the works that will be introduce in August so do keep watching and keep letting us know you feedback. 

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