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MP3 Player in IPS4


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Here is how to add back a simple MP3 html5 player back into IPS4.


In your admincp > customize > Editor > Toolbars




Select the "Add Button" then select the "Custom Tab"  




Upload the attached mp3 icon or one of your choosing  post-1-0-74046300-1441734395.png


Then enter the following on easy field.


Title: MP3


Type: Inline


Option: Yes


Option Title: URL:


Then paste the following in the HTML field.

<audio controls>   <source src="{option}" type="audio/mpeg">Your browser does not support the audio element.</audio>

Then select the permissions and alter if needed, then save.



Now you can drag the new button to any of the three editors you need.





When entering a new topic or post, simply select the MP3 icon, paste the url and you have an inline html5 player for mp3 files.



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