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How to perform a clean upgrade to IPS4 from 3.4.x


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I'm a clean freak, I like things tidy and neat, overtime many sites can get filled with many left over files and folders from previous version, and other items you may or may not need anymore.


The following guide will show you how to perform a clean upgrade to IPS4 from 3.4.x.


1. Take a backup of the file system and database.


2. Copy the following files and folders from your existing site.

(Yes that is all you need normally from the older version, the file structure on IPS4 is all new so this is a good time to "clean up")




3. Make a temp folder name whatever you would like on your FTP, move all other files but the above to that temp directory, this is a temp place to move them, once the upgrade is completed, and you are sure you didn't forget anything you need, you can delete this temp folder and all contents.




4. Next upload the IPS4 files to your site


5. Once they are all uploaded, verify all were written properly.


6. Adjust permissions as needed/if needed on the writable folders.


7. Proceed to http://www.yourdomain.com/admin/upgradeto process the upgrade.







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