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Innodb to Myisam - full text search index

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If you have a database that was installed as innodb or was perhaps converted to innodb, it won't have the full text index on the tables after converting it back to Myisam. 


After converting, run the following queries to add back the stock full text indexs

ALTER TABLE posts ADD FULLTEXT KEY post (post);ALTER TABLE topics ADD FULLTEXT KEY title (title);ALTER TABLE forums_archive_posts ADD FULLTEXT KEY archive_content (archive_content);ALTER TABLE message_posts ADD FULLTEXT KEY msg_post (msg_post);ALTER TABLE message_topics ADD FULLTEXT KEY mt_title (mt_title);ALTER TABLE blog_entries ADD FULLTEXT KEY entry_name (entry_name);ALTER TABLE cal_events ADD FULLTEXT (event_content);ALTER TABLE cal_events ADD FULLTEXT (event_title);ALTER TABLE downloads_files ADD FULLTEXT(file_desc);ALTER TABLE downloads_files ADD FULLTEXT(file_name);ALTER TABLE nexus_packages ADD FULLTEXT KEY p_name (p_name);ALTER TABLE nexus_packages ADD FULLTEXT KEY p_desc (p_desc);ALTER TABLE nexus_support_requests ADD FULLTEXT KEY r_title (r_title);ALTER TABLE nexus_support_replies ADD FULLTEXT KEY reply_post (reply_post);
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