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11.39 Anticipated Push to the EDGE Tier


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Houston, TX-

Anticipated this week, June 24th, 2013, 11.39 will be pushed to the EDGE tier. This new build includes the following changes and updates to cPanel & WHM software:

-Added support for using cPanel & WHM in a 1:1 NAT environment
-Dovecot is upgraded to version 2.2 and it is now possible to enable auto-purging of deleted emails when using Dovecot
-Updated Logaholic to version 4.0.5
-Provides Razor2::Client::Agent with SpamAssassin
-Removed the ancient Java Telnet Application
-Added the ability to load custom CSS in WHM to allow simple customizations
-Added the homedir and homeroot data to the pre and post Whostmgr::Accounts::Create hooks
*MySQL 5.1, or higher, is required.

If you enjoy testing bleeding edge software, being involved in an energetic highly skilled community, and providing feedback, we invite you to join our beta testing group. Simply sign up for our edge users mailing list , configure a non-production cPanel & WHM server for the edge tier, and hold on to your electrons.

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