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EasyApache 3.20 Now Available, Including Tomcat 7


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July 9, 2013
Houston, TX-

cPanel, Inc announces the release of EasyApache 3.20

The 3.20 release of EasyApache brings a number of improvements to the cPanel & WHM hosting platform. Notable among these is Tomcat 7, the modern means of providing Java web applications.

Tomcat 7 provides a Tomcat Administrator with a myriad of benefits for deploying web applications and managing Java development projects including:

Automatic Servlet Configuration After a cPanel&WHM Version Upgrade and Server Transfer
Automatic Tomcat Log Rotation
JSP, WAR File, and Servlet Test Pages for Testing and Troubleshooting
Tomcat Restarts Automatically with Apache if Enabled
EasyApache 3.20 Utilizes Tomcat 7.0.41

Tomcat 7 is the first part of the EasyApache application to be released as pre-built RPMs. Users will experience quicker installations and updates of Tomcat due to this change. Upgrades from the older Tomcat 5.5 should be seamless.

The team behind EasyApache are excited about the many changes brought in version 3.20. The team is also proud to announce, “We are pleased that no Tomcatz were harmed in the production of EasyApache 3.20.”

Tomcat 7 has a minimum requirement of cPanel & WHM version, as well as Apache 2.2 or later.

More information about the changes in EasyApache 3.20, and Tomcat 7, is available in our EasyApache documentation .

To share your Tomcat 7 experience with others, please feel free to join in the discussion at http://features.cpanel.net/responses/tomcat-7-support-in-easyapache

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