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[IPS] Introducing Projects and Developer Profiles

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I'd like to introduce two new areas we've been working on. These new areas are designed to support our developer community, while making it easier for our clients to get their custom projects taken care of.



The first new area is Projects. When you have a custom project for which you need a developer/designer, this new area will allow you to gather responses from developers interested in working with you.

Post your project details, choose an approximate budget and date, if applicable, and developers can then register their interest in the project. From there, you can contact developers to help you decide which to go with.

Projects you post will be open for responses for 30 days, after which they'll be closed. If you agree to work with a developer before that time, you can mark it as completed by clicking the Accept link next to the chosen developer's response. You'll be notified when new developers respond to your project, too.

IPS won't be involved in the communication between you and a developer in any way, so it's up to you to agree project details and exchange payment, if necessary, before work starts.

We hope this will become a handy tool to help match up customers and developers on custom projects. In time we'll add more features, such as the ability to review customers/developers when a project is complete.

Developer Profiles


The second new area is Developer Profiles. This new area gives developers a place to present themselves to potential customers. When a developer creates a profile, we'll automatically build a page for them that pulls in their Marketplace information, and gives them a way of highlighting one of their contributed files and a place to write about themselves.

As a customer, you can browse the listings to check out the developers in our community. If you've worked with a developer or just like their files, you can Recommend them by clicking the link on their page.

If a developer with a profile responds to a Project, we'll link their name to their developer profile so that you can find out more about them.

We hope these two new features will help foster more growth in the development community, making it easier for customers to find developers, and giving developers a central place to find potential work.

Check them out - and if you have any feedback, please do feel free to share it. We've already made many changes based on the feedback from our preview to developers, so now it's your turn :smile:

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