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[IPS] IPS Converter Update

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We are pleased to announce an update to our popular converter application and with it support for conversions from vBulletin 5 Connect.

This release has been particularly focused on converter stability and performance improvements. At the time of writing there are 0 open bug reports in the bug tracker.

Performance Improvements

Whilst data integrity will always be our number one priority we do often review and apply performance improvements where appropriate.

In a previous release we introduced a feature that would significantly reduce the time taken when selecting data from the source software but this was only applied to a select few products. We are happy to report this change has now been applied across all converters. For the technically curious, this eliminates the need to use expensive LIMIT clauses with high offsets when converting forums with large amounts of posts.

Additionally we identified a few areas that would benefit from extra indexes particularly in the area of looking up relational content.

Software Specific Improvements

Support for vBulletin5 Connect is now available and the following items are converted - Permissions, Groups, Members, Passwords, Forums, Topics, Posts, Attachments, BBCode, Profile Fields, Emoticons, Moderators, Friends, Ignored Users, Reputation, Ranks, Warn Logs

The Ning converter has been greatly overhauled and now works much more reliably.

Considering switching to IPS?

Now is a great time to switch to IPS. We have a full community suite of products and a great resource community in the Marketplace. For a limited time through May 15 you can use the coupon code SWITCH at checkout to take 10% off your order. Feel free to email sales@invisionpower.com with questions or post in our pre-sales forum to get feedback from other clients.

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