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[IPS] IPS Marketplace Update

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The IPS Marketplace is the place to go for plugins, skins, language packs, full applications, and other resources provided by the IPS community. Some resources are free and some have a small fee. It's a great way to find ways to personalize your community and expand its functions.

Some updates...

I wanted to share some general statistics on the Marketplace (yes, I'm channeling Apple here). Yesterday we reached a great milestone:

Since its inception, we have paid out over $250,000 to contributors. Yes over a quarter million dollars has been paid out to those that sell resources in the Marketplace!

What's even more exciting is the growth we are seeing. In fact over 40% of that total payout was done just this year! Because I love any excuse to play with Excel here's a chart showing growth trend:

We also now have over 500 individual contributors that are providing both free and paid resources in the Marketplace.

Improvements coming soon

We are in the process of doing some cleaning up to make resources easier to find. Expect to see new categories based on what things do (moderation tools, promotion, utilities, etc.) rather than what they are (hook, mod, app, etc.) which we think will make finding resources for your community even easier.

A new ability to allow us to feature more than one resource at a time has already been launched.

Take a moment to browse the IPS Marketplace and see if there are any resources that would benefit your community. If you find one don't forget to thank the contributor!

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