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[IPS] IPS Converter Updated and Switch Promotion

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We are happy to report some really dramatic improvements to the IPS Converters. If you have been considering switching to IPS from another community software now is the time.

Performance Improvements

One area for improvement we focused on was the overall time it took to do a conversion. Doing a conversion is always going to be a time consuming process as it involves translating all of your data from your old format to IPS format. But we have made two big improvements:

MySQL queries, where possible, now do one 'extended' query rather than thousands of smaller queries. This means your data is fetched in one, large batch and stored rather than many smaller batches.

The member conversion routine has been sped up dramatically. Some test conversions are seeing an 80% speed increase on members alone.

Example statistic: 15 million post community converted 1000 posts a second and about 800 topics a second. Converted completely in 4 hours. The old converter could take more than a day to do the same. That's a huge improvement!

Software Specific Improvements

  • vBulletin Subscriptions now directly import to IP.Nexus
  • Gallery 5 support
  • Photopost 8 support
  • XenForo 'likes' converted.
  • XenForo personal conversations converted.
  • vBulletin conversions now use the same forum/topic/post/member IDs on IPS Community Suite. This is great for SEO.

Feedback Appreciated

We are continuing to work on improvements to our converters. If you perform a conversion please submit a ticket and let us know of any issues you might experience so we can assist you.

Special Switch Promotion

If you are considering switching to the IPS Community Suite we would welcome you as a new IPS client. We are happy to provide 10% discount on new license purchases using the coupon code SWITCH at checkout. This coupon code is valid until 15 December 2012.

With the recent release of IP.Board 3.4 now is a great time to take another look at IPS!

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