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Hi Loren, this is a little of a catch 22 here with the unarchiving and moving, you first need to unarchive all topics, then move them, however if you re-enable archiving at that point, those topics won't be re-archived. If a topic is unarchived, the system thinks it was done for a reason and won't archive that topic again.


This isn't ideal in my opinion and leave room for improvement, if you wanted, after unarchiving, we could reset that flag, to clear it, then it would re-archive according to the rules you have set.


Let me know if you have any questions, thank you 

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14,382 topics to unarchive.


So if I did

UPDATE `ibf_topics` SET `topic_archive_status` = '0' WHERE `topic_archive_status` = '1'

then did a "Resynchronize Topics".

Wouldn't that do it?

Edited by Loren
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Loren, I would very much not recommend doing that. Yes, it will "unflag" the topics as Archived, however the posts for that topic will still be contained within the forums_archive_posts table, and will really break them considerably.


When a topic is flagged as "Not Archived" then it does not reference the forums_archive_posts table at all, so the topics would not display ANY posts if that query were run without the unarchival process having fully completed.


Your best bet is to just wait it out, as that is the only surefire way to ensure everything is unarchived properly. :)

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Ryan Ashbrook

Tier II Technical Support

Invision Power Services, Inc.

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