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[IPS] IP.Content 2.3.3 Released

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Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Content 2.3.3!

IP.Content is our community content management platform for IP.Board allowing you to create content for your site ranging from a simple portal to a full website with custom databases and more - the possibilities are endless!

This release resolves issues reported since the release of IP.Content 2.3.2.
This release also incorporates a handful of new features and functionality improvements:

  • Significant improvements to item markers in databases
  • Ability to allow users to filter by fields, which adds a filter bar on the left side of the screen (as seen in our Tracker)
  • Reports you have posted in now show a "star" icon, like topics within a forum
  • The page navigation is duplicated to the bottom of the listing screen in a database
  • You can now lock/hide/pin database records during submission if you have permission
  • Searching now uses MySQL fulltext search methods, and an order by 'relevancy' (which is the new default) method has been introduced
  • Ability for moderators to be notified of records submitted to databases that require moderator approval

We welcome feedback on this or any other release in the relevant feedback forum including suggestions for future releases.


You can try our free demo to see IP.Content in action for yourself.


You can purchase IP.Content in your client area by clicking the 'New Purchase' button in the upper right corner. New clients can purchase IP.Content along with IP.Board. If you are an IPS Community Hosting client, IP.Content comes with all packages!

If you have already purchased IP.Content, you can download this update in your client area.

Requirements / Notes

IP.Content 2.3.3 requires IP.Board version 3.3.x or 3.4.x

Installing / Upgrading

For further assistance on installing IP.Content please refer to this document and for upgrading please refer to this document

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