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[IPS] IP.Downloads 2.5.2 Released

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Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Downloads 2.5.2.

IP.Downloads 2.5.2

Integrated download management for IP.Board allowing you and your members to upload files for sharing in an organized category listing with permissions, version control, and more

This release resolves issues reported since the release of IP.Downloads 2.5.1.  A list of bugs reported in 2.5.1 and fixed in 2.5.2 can be seen in our tracker.

In addition to the bug fixes included in this release, 2.5.2 includes the following notable changes:

  • New setting: "Members must download to rate".  Allows the administrator to restrict ratings to only files that users have downloaded.

  • New setting: "Allow submitter to view who downloaded".  Allows submitters to see who has downloaded their files (but no one else, unless the per-group option is enabled).

  • The last downloaded date has been added to the "who downloaded" popup

  • You can now purchase additional licenses for a file (if using the IP.Nexus integration).  If you have purchased a file in the past the button would change to "download" with no way to purchase another copy.  Now, a "buy another" button is available to purchase additional copies.

  • On the IP.Downloads portal index, you can now filter top free files, top paid files and top authors by all time, weekly, monthly and yearly.

  • The scrollable div for the download confirmation has been changed to show the entire download disclaimer on the page.

  • A new search ordering option is available "Order by relevancy".  This uses the MySQL fulltext relevancy options for searching.

Requirements / Notes

IP.Downloads 2.5.2 requires IP.Board version 3.3.x.

Installing / Upgrading

For further assistance on installing these updates please refer to this document and for upgrading please refer to this document

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