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[IPS] IP.Gallery 5.0.0 & IP.Blog 2.6.0 Released

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Invision Power Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of IP.Gallery 5.0.0 and IP.Blog 2.6.0!

This newest version of IP.Gallery adds many features and fixes reported issues to enhance your community gallery.  We have reviewed all of the feedback provided for IP.Gallery 4 and have improved the gallery software to better meet our clients' needs.

The latest release of IP.Blog adds many consistency updates and minor functionality improvements to enhance your community blog experience.

IP.Gallery 5.0.0

IP.Gallery is a fully-featured photo and multimedia sharing app for the IPS Community Suite. Create albums, upload photos, discuss the hottest shots and much more.

IP.Blog 2.6.0

IP.Blog enables users to create and maintain their own individual or group blogs right from within your community, to share ideas & thoughts.

Release Notes

IP.Gallery 5.0.0 requires IP.Board 3.3.x.

IP.Blog 2.6.0 requires IP.Board 3.3.x.

IP.Gallery 5.0.0 requires IP.Blog 2.6.0 (if IP.Blog is installed)

What's New for IP.Gallery

In addition to many fixes for reported issues, the following changes have been made:

  • Redesigned Navigation

    We have redesigned the navigation and structure of Gallery to provide a more traditional navigational approach, while retaining a more social approach for those who desire it.  Global albums have been changed to "categories".

  • More Administrator Control

    Administrators now have better and more fine-grained control over moderators, albums and images.

  • Miscellaneous Features and Enhancements

    pInterest integration; improved shared media image presentation; set as profile photo expanded Gallery-wide; hidden and unapproved ambiguity improvement; SEO improvements

  • Navigational Changes

    Changes to albums and ability to list members, albums or images in the special member albums category

  • More Miscellaneous Improvements

    RSS feed enhancements; notification improvements; homepage enhancements based on client feedback

We would also like to extend a special thank you to certain members who agreed to help provide feedback during the initial planning and alpha stages, helping us shape the direction of IP.Gallery 5 and ensuring that client feedback would not be missed.  While we obviously cannot make every suggested change in any given release, our Gallery 5 Focus Group helped ensure that useful common feedback was discussed, reviewed and considered in this release.

What's New for IP.Blog

  • SEO and Microformat Improvements

    Improvements have been made to better optimize IP.Blog for search engines, and implement relevant microformat meta data.

  • Promotion

    Ability to auto-share to Facebook/Twitter on entry creation; better image handling for sharing to Facebook; ability to auto-follow entry on creation; reputation integration in user profiles; integration with quick navigation panel

  • Moderation and Miscellaneous Improvements

    Consistency improvements; custom block improvements; inline moderation enhancements; better category management

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