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[IPS] IP.Content 2.3.x Security Update

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We are releasing a patch for IP.Content 2.3.6 to address a potential security vulnerability in the search system.

It has been brought to our attention that there is a potential vulnerability within the IP.Content search system and even though the vulnerability was only a proof of concept, we felt it best to issue an update.

To apply the patch
Simply download the attached zip and upload the files to your forum server. You do not need to run any scripts or the upgrade system.


Our thanks to security researcher Jamieson O'Reilly (au.linkedin.com/pub/jamieson-o-reilly/70/b64/13a/, dringen.blogspot.com.au) for his assistance with this issue.

Attached File ip_content_patch_july_2014.zip   7.1KB  240 downloads

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