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11.44 Now in CURRENT Tier


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<p><em>6/3/2014</em><br /><em> Houston, TX -</em></p>

<p>cPanel, Inc. is thrilled to release cPanel & WHM software version 11.44, which is now available in the CURRENT tier.</p>

<p>cPanel & WHM 11.44 offers a transfer and restore renovation, configuration clusters, a new edition of Paper Lantern, support access, and more.</p>

<p><strong>Transfer & Restore Renovation</strong><br />From simple log files and reports to a continuous transfer and restore process, a series of changes to transfer and restore functionality brings widespread benefits.</p>

<p><strong>Configuration Clusters</strong><br />cPanel & WHM now offers configuration clustering to streamline the process of updating multiple servers, adding a powerful boost in efficiency.</p>

<p><strong>Paper Lantern</strong><br />With a more agile, consistent framework, Paper Lantern for cPanel & WHM 11.44 signifies progress towards user interface perfection and stunning, user-created themes.</p>

<p><strong>Support Access</strong><br />Grant cPanel Support Access enables customers to quickly grant server access to cPanel support staff, therefore speeding up the resolution of issues with just a few mouse clicks.</p>

<p>Detailed information on all cPanel & WHM 11.44 features can be found at <a title="https://documentation.cpanel.net" href="https://documentation.cpanel.net" target="_blank">https://documentation.cpanel.net</a>. An overview of the latest features and benefits is also available at <a title="http://releases.cpanel.net" href="http://releases.cpanel.net" target="_blank">http://releases.cpanel.net</a>.</p>

<p>To ensure that you receive up-to-date product news from cPanel, we encourage you to subscribe to the “Security Advisories and Product Release Announcements” mailing list here: <a title="http://cpanel.net/mailing-lists" href="http://cpanel.net/mailing-lists" target="_blank">http://cpanel.net/mailing-lists</a>.</p>

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