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End of the Road for FrontPage Installations: What to Expect


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The end of Microsoft® FrontPage® Extensions installations on cPanel & WHM servers is quickly approaching. FrontPage support has already been removed in EasyApache version 3.24.1 and up and cPanel & WHM will be FrontPage-free by version 11.46, which is currently slated for a Fall 2014 release.

cPanel & WHM version 11.44 (scheduled for a Summer 2014 release) will introduce an easy way to remove FrontPage, in preparation for our discontinued support. In WHM’s Uninstall FrontPage Extensions interface (Home >> FrontPage >> Uninstall FrontPage Extensions), an Uninstall FrontPage For All Users option will allow customers to remove FrontPage from all user accounts and their server simultaneously. After implementing this new option, related features will no longer be available, the server will ignore related settings and, most importantly, customers will not be able to reactivate FrontPage.

FrontPage support will be discontinued entirely in cPanel & WHM version 11.46. System administrators will not be able to upgrade servers to 11.46 until FrontPage has been removed.

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