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Change Hovercard To Click


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This Requires 1 .js file edit and 1 template edit.. I will keep this updated as 3.2 "evolves", time permitting. in /public/js/ips.hovercard.js find:

openOnClick:  false, 		  openOnHover:  true,

change this to:

  openOnClick:  true, 		  openOnHover:  false,

Thanks to Rsyvarth http://community.inv...41908-rsyvarth/At about line 178 of the same file(Just before mClick function ends):Find:


Add Directly above this line

if( $(id).getAttribute('hovercard-ref') == "member" )    		 {   		 e.preventDefault();   		 }

Like So:

if( $(id).getAttribute('hovercard-ref') == "member" )    		 {   		 e.preventDefault();   		 }this.show(id);

Then at about line 206 of the same file(Within the mOver function):Find:

if ( this.options.openOnHover !== true )

replace with:

if ( this.options.openOnHover !== true && $(id).getAttribute('hovercard-ref') == "member") 

save, clear your cache, and enjoy hover-trigger-free browsing... Enjoy biggrin.png

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