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cPanel TSR 2014-0002 Full Disclosure


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cPanel TSR 2014-0002 Full Disclosure

Case 89985


Disclosure of cpanel-horde’s MySQL password due to world-readable backups.

Security Rating

cPanel has assigned a Security Level of Important to this vulnerability.


During the upgrade to Horde 5 on 11.42 systems, a backup tarball of the existing Horde configuration files is created. This backup tarball was created in a world-accessible directory with world-readable permissions, allowing local accounts to see the MySQL password for the shared cpanel-horde user.


This issue was discovered by Rack911.


This issue is resolved in the following builds:

For the PGP-signed message, see http://cpanel.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/TSR-2014-0002-Full-Disclosure.txt.

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