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Credit Card Processing - Automated Billing - Recurring Payments

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We have changed credit card processors recently, your credit card statements may show different information from in the past, the new information will be ExactServers / Sutter Solutions Inc. 
You can now also store your credit card info on your account, in doing so, each time an invoice is generated, if the card is valid, it will be auto billed and the payment applied to your account. This will help greatly for those if you who now pay manually each month/quarter/year etc. 
I would like to be clear that the credit card information is not stored locally, it is stored encrypted with merchant account processor, and in no way a security issue for you to be concerned with at all. All systems handling this information are PCI and PCI-DSS complaint. 
To store your credit card info, you can do this in the client area under "billing info" or when paying an existing invoice as well, simply select the option to store/save credit card info.
Saving to your client area > billing information


If you would like to save this information when paying an existing invoice, you can do so by selecting the "save my card details"
If there are any questions please submit a ticket and we can assist you.

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