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QB DB Server on 12 R2 E

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This has been a long outstanding issue with Quickbooks DB Service that their technical staff is apparently incapable of figuring out and resolving in the product, which is quite unfortunate and VERY frustrating.  

Here is a script you can run to reserve both the TCP and UDP ports.  You'll have to run this from an elevated command prompt with both DNS and the quickbooks DB service in a STOPPED state.  This will issue a command that will tell Windows to reserve the following ports and ensure other system services (like DNS) don't use them.


netsh int ipv4 add excludedportrange protocol=udp startport=55373 numberofports=5
netsh int ipv4 add excludedportrange protocol=tcp startport=55373 numberofports=1

If you simply need to recover quickly and don't have time to run the above proactive statements you can run this from an elevated command or powershell prompt (the stop on the db service will probably fail, don't worry about it).


net stop DNS
net stop QuickBooksDB27
net start QuickBooksDB27
net start DNS




Finally, Dear QB / Intuit - can you please get square with the world for once, have some pride in your product, and get a patch out to fix this??? You need to document the ports you need, furthermore you need to have your product reserve these ports OR gracefully recover if the ports aren't available.  This is typical 101 level stuff that could easily be accommodated in the product as well as patched in current supported versions. Your DB Service crashes constantly and the other half of the time you can't restart the service.  Reliability is clearly not your strong-suit intuit but all is not lost, you can recover from this. Get some smart people who understand your customers, put them in a room with these types of issues and enable them to do the right thing.  Good luck.

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