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Found 1 result

  1. Removing VBSEO for vbulletin – Reverting back to vbulletin URLs Please note, this information was copied from vbseo.com, now showing a database error. This is posted for reference since vbSEO seems to be going out of business: If you ever need to uninstall vBSEO , you can use the following instructions. Make sure you carefully follow each step. Login to your vBSEO Cp and disable vBSEO Login to your Admincp and Browse to Plugins & Products Uninstall vBSEO product file , on the next step you’ll be given 2 options If you ever plan to install vBSEO on the same domain , choose Keep vBSEO data in Database If you will not use vBSEO again choose Cleanup vBSEO Data Delete all files include .htaccess from your server via ftp. You can find the list of files that needs to be deleted below. Files that needs to be deleted admincp/ admin_vbseo.php clientscript/ vbseo_ajax.js images/vbseo anchor.png delicious.gif digg.gif facebook.gif furl.gif goto_linkbacks.gif linkback.gif linkback_about.gif linkback_url.gif mister-wong pingback.gif post_linkback.gif reddit.gif refback.gif spurl.gif technorati.gif trackback.gif includes/cron vbseo_serviceupdate.php xml/ bitfield_vbseo.xml cpnav_vbseo.xml vbseo_urls_001.xml vbseo_urls_002.xml vbseo_urls_003.xml vbseo_urls_004.xml vbseo_urls_005.xml vbseo_urls_006.xml vbseocp_deutsch (du).xml vbseocp_deutsch (sie).xml vbseocp_dutch.xml vbseocp_english.xml vbseocp_russian.xml vbseocp_turkce.xml functions_vbseo.php functions_vbseo_cache.php functions_vbseo_createurl.php functions_vbseo_crr.php functions_vbseo_db.php functions_vbseo_hook.php functions_vbseo_linkback.php functions_vbseo_misc.php functions_vbseo_pre.php functions_vbseo_seo.php functions_vbseo_startup.php functions_vbseo_url.php functions_vbseo_vb.php md5_sums_crawlability_vbseo.php modcp/ vbseo_moderate.php vbseo.php vbseocp.php vbseocpform.php .htaccess After uninstallation you can also redirect your indexed content to original vBulletin urls. Please carefully check the rewrite rules and use the one that fits your current url structure. If your url structure isn’t listed below please post a sample example so we can supply the correct rules. If you have your thread rewrite rules set as forum-name/threadid-threadname.html use the following .htaccess RewriteEngine onRewriteRule [^/]+/([0-9]+)-[^/]+\.html http://www.domain.com/forums/showthread.php?t=$1 [L,R=301] If you have your thread rewrite rules set as forum-name/threadname-threadid.html use the following .htaccess RewriteEngine onRewriteRule [^/]+/[^/]+-([0-9]+)\.html http://www.domain.com/forums/showthread.php?t=$1 [L,R=301] If you have your thread rewrite rules set as forum-name/threadname-threadid/ use the following .htaccess RewriteEngine onRewriteRule [^/]+/[^/]+-([0-9]+)/ http://www.domain.com/forums/showthread.php?t=$1 [L,R=301]
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